JoAnne’s Terrarium Scene

Next up is a container that I found at JoAnne’s Fabric on sale for $10 with a coupon. This is purpose-made for a terrarium and worked really well. This is probably the perfect container for anyone starting out.

The centerpiece is an interesting orange quartz specimen from my collection of finds accumulated through the years.

The medium rocks on the surface are from a local stream. The smaller rocks in the false bottom are from a large bag from Lowe’s since we were also doing some other gardening and needed some stone. For $5 you get get a huge bag that is more than enough for a few terrariums, though you’ll want to rinse the rocks to get a cleaner look and make sure nothing else is transferred.

The long succulent (Crassula) is from the back yard, and has grown extremely fast in a short period of time. The rest of the plants are store bought, and the moss is locally sourced. You’ll also notice that I’ve been including a little bit of lichen for color in my terrariums.

Inhabitants include springtails from my ever growing culture and isopods that I’ve started to collect. More on those in a separate post.

May 25, 2021

I know these posts must sound like advertisements at times, but I just haven’t found a better way to name my terrariums yet. I’m also not an affiliate marketer, at least not yet.


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