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I’m bound to get lots of questions on this one, so I thought it would be fun to blog about the experience. I’ve been a PC user for over 15 years. I’ve used Macs occasionally, but have not been part of the culture. I thought it was time to change that.

Why now? Why not? I figured I could put those 15 years of PC experience to good use writing about the transition to Mac and see if I can dispel some myths and misconceptions (there are many). I’ve also heard so much on both sides of the PC/Mac debate that I am just tired of hearing about it second hand. I want to experience it for myself.

Am I a disgruntled PC user? Somewhat. But I really don’t have much choice in that matter since I still have lots of content that is tied up in PC real estate. That’s also the primary platform of all my software design experience and work life. So any transition – if there ever is one – has to be gradual.

After hogging Audra’s HP Laptop for most of the summer, we finally decided that I needed my own portable for school and special projects. So I’ve ordered the latest Mac Book Pro. For the last few years I’ve been purchasing lots of platform independent peripherals and software, so I should be good in that department for now. And I am purposely NOT installing anything even remotely attached to Microsoft.

So watch this space for details of my first experiences and impressions. If you want to comment, that is cool, but let’s keep this civil. I really am trying to take a serious look at the interaction between person and machine here. I don’t have time for purists on either side. I don’t view either platform as better than the other, just different. at least that is how I am going into this. …


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