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Mac Day 5 – 8/29/09

Not much computing today. Lots of running around and visiting, so not much to say about the Mac. Tried to use wireless hot spot in Borders, but it looks like T-Mobile is pulling their hotspots after mid-September.

For now, you can buy a “day pass” for $8 from T-Mobile, or you can set up an account for more access. Kinda lame if you ask me. Seems the days of free internet access everywhere may be coming to an end. The ISPs have finally figured out a way to monetize this, and the only way to partake is to be part of their club. I suppose this works for people who travel a great deal, but it just doesn’t make sense for someone who is blowing into a Borders occasionally and just happens to have a laptop handy. …


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.