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Mac Day 7 – 8/31/09 Printing issue solved

Another 30 minutes and the printing issue is solved!

No thanks to Apple though. I did a web search and found three sites that helped. The best was the Unix printing site:

The others that had relevant articles were:

The solution turned out to be relatively simple:

lpd://printer ip address/lpt1



I still do not know where the “631” comes from. Must be a Unix thing. So why the Apple rep couldn’t have walked me through this, who knows. As for the Linksys connection, I made some changes there too, but since those changes didn’t result in success, and the change above did, I have no choice but to believe this was nothing more than a simple addressing problem on the MacBook side that should have easily been diagnosed by the rep. Oh well. Putting this to bed now. Time to do some more creative stuff and actually have more fun. …


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