NEEMFest 2022

After a hiatus of two years due to COVID, the Northeast Electro-music Festival (NEEMFest) returns to the Center for the Arts in Homer, NY on Sept 9-11, 2022.

Part music festival, conference, and social gathering, the event has been going in some form for over 10 years. Highlights include opportunities to hear and see unique instruments… yes, probably a Theremin or three, but so much more! Attendees can witness cutting-edge music technology, and hear rare performances by underground electronic and experimental artists.

Shivasonngster and Karl Fury at NEEMFest 2019
Shivasongster and Karl Fury at NEEMFest 2019

Most performances also include stunning visuals by a variety of digital video and stage lighting artists. This year I’ll be diving deeper into this side of things by providing visuals for several acts.

Sonically, almost anything can happen at NEEMFest. Many acts fall into the category of ambient/space music and electro-acoustic, but we’ve also had noise/glitch artists, spoken word performers, laptop orchestras, and full rock bands with electronic elements.

I’ll be doing performing a solo set, as well as at least one improvised collaborative set. In fact, this year there is a special focus on spur of the moment collaborations.

I’m also offering two workshops: one on VCV Rack (a virtual modular synth platform) and one on Toughdesigner, a multimedia environment that I dove into heavily during the pandemic.

Unlike large corporate music events, NEEMFest is run largely by volunteers. It feels more like a family reunion, with a grass-roots vibe not that different from the folk scene I was a part of for many years.

Performance and workshop schedules are posted on the NEEMFest site. Passes are available for individual days, or the entire weekend.

For those unable to attend, there will also be a live stream of the performance portion of the event at


By jjdeprisco

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