New Mexico Stories Posted!!

Most of our NEW MEXICO trip journal and pictures for the trip have been posted.

Table of Contents

The Land of Disenchantment 2009 New Mexico Trip Journal


SUNDAY June 21st – Day 1 – The Longest ^&*^(*$-ing Day Ever

MONDAY June 22nd – Day 2 – Taos Exploration

TUESDAY June 23rd – Day 3 – A Day in Santa Fe

WEDNESDAY June 24th – Day 4 – Rollin’ On The River

THURSDAY June 25th – Day 5 – Relaxation, here we come, maybe. (Taos Drum/Earthships)

FRIDAY June 26th – Day 6 – Angel Fire Part I – Balloon Festival? Not. Red River

SATURDAY June 27th – Day 7 – Killing Time – Angel Fire Part II

EPILOGUE (coming soon)

Photo Journal


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