Philly General Update

Yeah, my sites are looking a bit dated right now because I am just getting back on my feet after a very time consuming and logistically difficult move to Philadelphia.

The studio has closed. We’ve downsized to an apartment, so two-thirds of my studio are in storage right now while the other third is with me in a much smaller configuration. Running a studio was a good experiment (2013-2018), but I can’t say I miss it, or the drama.

I am now focusing almost completely on my electronic/experimental work, in a variety of electronic sub-genres. Since joining the community in 2010, I’ve come to really enjoy this sonic journey. The move to Philly – complete with much more time in transit on buses and in traffic -has forced me to focus even more on my craft, and on my passion. The city has also been inspiring, in ways I may not have expected.

A new site – with brand new audio, graphics and video – is under construction and should be finalized this summer. In fact the site itself is done, but I am carefully selecting how I want to promote the music and sonic explorations.

You may still occasionally find me at open mics in the Philly area, either solo acoustic, as a bass player, or with Fricknadorable. For now, our Americana duo is on hiatus, though Audra continues to write and we hope to one day put out an EP. Unfortunately, being a theatre person, she doesn’t enjoy recording half as much as I do. Ironically, much of my electronic stuff of late has been improvised! But I still can’t get her to go electro… perhaps one day.

For now, enjoy this peak at the Chinese Lantern Festival we recently attended…