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Reprise performance goes well…

Steve and I did a cue to cue run through on Thursday afternoon before the performance. Once again we were asking ourselves “Why do we do this?” as the pay isn’t that great and the work is, well… significant at this time in the semester for both of us. It seemed like we were back in June, except it wasn’t June outside. I managed to dodge a major sinus cold and kept my voice in shape, supported by cold medicine just for extra measure (which is always a gamble because it can dry out the voice).

But I donned my nun costume and Steve got his clicker and our reprise performance went well. Technical issues were at a minimum and the Taylor performed flawlessly, which is more than I can say for me. I forgot one of the lesser instrumental pieces completely, but covered with an improv that seemed to work. Another place – where music had been – appeared to go by just fine without it. Steve freaked me out a few times during a section that had previously been cut, but then added back in. Of course, I can’t really talk since I came in early on the coconuts before intermission. Damn it!

The CD of the music will still be available until I run out of copies, but I doubt I’ll do a reprint. Several of my favorite songs are likely to pop up on future albums with different arrangements, but I prefer to think of this project as a snapshot in time.

Now we move on to other things. We had hoped that we’d do IM in the Bloomsburg area, but alas our grant application was rejected, largely (it appears) due to misunderstanding (misconceptions??) about the concept and – many of us think – some fear on the part of the powers that be in the socio-political context of the play. In this time of religious sensitivity, this is somewhat expected, and we didn’t bother to fight it. I prefer to use my energy in other ways, but I will not forget this experience… any of it.


By jjdeprisco

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