She’s a Zombie

She’s a Zombie (from the album Bloomsburg to Bangladesh)

She is a Zombie
Of her reflections within
A wall around her senses

A creature by necessity
She’s a Zombie… she’s a zombie.

Verse 1:
No colours to her dawn, no depth to her sleep
No fears to succumb, no rules of ethics


Verse 2:
No colours to her dreams, no depth to her mind
No patriotic hymns, nor love of any kind


Verse 3:
No colours to her speech, no depth to her choice,
No promises to breach, nor happiness to rejoice,

Chorus (repeat)
She’s a zomie…

Lyrics by Paul Rodericks (India)
Music & Arrangement by Jeremy J. dePrisco (USA)
Copyright 2004 Jeremy dePrisco (ASCAP) and Paul Rodericks


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.