Electro Signals

Signals Electro-Music 3/31/11 Radio Show Playlist

This show featured a mix of pre-recorded tracks from Bloomsburg to Bangladesh, some completely improv pieces, and material that mixed live performance with backing tracks or loops.

# Track Name / Album
1 KORG: Wave Sequencer 3 (INTRO)*
2 She’s a Zombie (prerecorded) Bloomsburg To Bangladesh
3 Men At Sea (prerecorded) Bloomsburg To Bangladesh
4 KORG: Wave Sequencer 3 IMPROV with Likembe*
5 Crush My Mouth (LIVE)*
6 Chaos Factory 2.0 (w/live guitar/vocal) Chaos Rise Up
7 Organ Harvest (w/live guitar/vocal) Chaos Rise Up
8 The Rains Shall Fall (LIVE)*
9 Icefishing on Europa (memman_loop1) w/ Likembe*
10 Forgotten Space March (memman_korgloop2sat) w/ Percussion*
11 Two Kits (w/ Likembe)*
12 Anthemic (OUTRO)*

* non-album improv tracks


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.