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Signals Electro-Music 4/14/11 Radio Show Playlist

In the Attic (2008 setup)

For show #6, we continue with some sort-of-electro tracks from Chaos Rise Up and Catch the Squirrel. From there we explored some very rough experiments, including some of the better elements from 2007’s Inlaw’s Attic session.

Each year since 2006 I’ve brought a portable studio to my inlaw’s place during our Christmas holiday visit. It provides a much-needed break from the holiday craziness and presents a different environment in which to create.

# Song                               Collection

1 Ones & Zeroes Chaos Rise Up
2 Proverbs Chaos Rise Up
3 Organ Harvest Chaos Rise Up
4 Shotgun Shack Catch the Squirrel
5 Something in This House Catch the Squirrel
6 frogfriends none
7 I’m the One none
8 Just the Way it Is none
9 RNC JD’s Electro Album
10_ 2007-12-26 19_46 Inlaw’s Attic 2007
11_ 2007-12-27 16_42 Inlaw’s Attic 2007
12_ 2007-12-27 16_51 Inlaw’s Attic 2007
13_ 2007-12-27 16_53 Inlaw’s Attic 2007
14_ 2007-12-27 17_07 Inlaw’s Attic 2007
15_ Breathe Deep Mandala

This program is Copyright 2011 Jeremy dePrisco.

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