Electro Signals

Signals Electro-Music 5/12/11 Radio Show Playlist

Show #8 featured live Space Folk… songs from my acoustic set put through delay pedals with KAOSS beat support… at least until the batteries ran out.

Track Song Writer Album
1 City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman) Various
2 Diatribe (from JJD’s Cadillacs & Tarantulas)
3 Just Friends*
4 Saw It With My Own Two Eyes*
5 On The Edge (from JJD’s Catch the Squirrel)
6 Hard Pill to Swallow*
7 Country Roads (John Denver et al) Various
8 Word Traffic (from JJD’s Mandala)
9 Landlord (Gene Raskin) Various
10 Living Room*
11 One Day (Matisyahu) Various

* non-album original songs by Jeremy dePrisco

This program is Copyright 2011. Covers are copyright their respective writers.

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