Electro Signals

Signals Electro-Music 6/23/11 & 7/7/11 Radio Shows

Reason - No VST support, but you shouldn't need it!

For shows #11 & 12, I mixed it up a little bit with a live performance using only Propellerhead Reason/Record. I’ve been wanting to do such a set for a while. This week everything fell together (or apart) because I had little time to prep. I didn’t have other pre-recorded material I felt like sharing, and with the 80+ degree weather and 60% humidity in the studio, I was not interested in setting up my usual guitar-based loop-pedal monstrosity.

Reason is very liberating in terms of sound creation and manipulation. Even though I relied heavily on third party loop libraries and material from Computer Music Magazine, this set was very fun and the level of expression by the end was to my liking. I now have a base line for future experiments like this.

Based on the encouragement on the chat board, it is likely I’ll do this again next time.



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By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.