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Signals with Shivasongster Show #20

Water Wheel that drives the bellows at Hopewell Furnace (photo by Jeremy dePrisco)

6/21/12 – For my 20th show I was planning to do a retrospective, but then I changed my mind and pulled together an Ableton Live project based on some loose ends that had been piling up since my last show in May.

I was pretty excited to get into the improv, but had some issues with the audio stream that night, and the first 15 minutes of the show were spent troubleshooting the stream – not playing. Once it was worked out, anyone who *did* tune in probably thought the show was canceled.

Things turned around after we took the Roku box off the network, and I was able to get two improvs in before the end of the hour. So I am posting them here because they actually turned out pretty well.

This show includes:
1. Audio samples from a May 27 trip to Hopewell Furnace Ironworks (the waterwheel) that I took with STR on my Android. These samples were run through athe MFX1 mixer template from Aurex Music:

2. Audio samples of night noises at our friend Jeff’s apartment near Philly. (Yes, the same Jeff that appears on “Somethin’ Funny”). These samples were put through Izotope Iris.

3. Audio sample of Audra and Jeff messing around with some beer bottles making silly noises. These too were manipulated to make a playable patch in Iris.

4. Some MIDI clips from Oddgrooves run through a glitch drum set.

5. Kaossilator looped in Ableton.

There are two parts. Part 2 also includes some hydrophone samples from a Computer Music Magazine DVD.

Part 1

Part 2


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