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Spring is finally here, and with the sunshine and squirrel sightings come some changes to

After over a year of using CMS Made Simple, we are migrating to Word Press for better functionality, ease of use and social networking integration. We will finally have a working calendar that is integrated with blog postings, Twitter and (eventually) Facebook.

During a recent trip to the Pittsburgh area, Steve Schrum and I officially kicked off preliminary writing and brainstorming sessions for his play Dog Assassin, which is also the subject of an NEA grant application. Planned for the 2011-2012, the play will feature all new progressive rock material.

Also while visiting Steve, we made time to shoot footage for three upcoming music videos, including one for “Once in A While,” which will be the third video from the album Catch the Squirrel. Once I graduate in May, I hope to turn my attention to those.

The Anthony Avenue Ensemble has continued to rehearse occasionally and we’ve amassed a set of approximately 50 songs.

Our new favorite restaurant in Williamsport is La Marina, just off of 3rd street as you come into town from I-180. It’s a rather unassuming place, specializing in Italian cuisine with a focus on seafood dishes. I’m also appreciative of their choice in an acoustic music satellite radio channel that plays some great stuff (like David Wilcox and other independent artists) and doesn’t hit you over the head with typical glitzy pop fare.

Despite all the great places to eat in our area, I have lost 10+ pounds as part of my Exercise and You class at BU – my final course before graduation on May 8th.


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