Avenue 209 Postscript

Avenue 209 Lock Haven Oct 2011 (Photo by Audra)

Last night’s show at Avenue 209 coffee house in Lock Haven was a good mix of experiences, combining an appreciative audience, great stage ergonomics and good sound. I had some fun with a few of the Irish tunes that have been rattling around in my songbook since before the Ireland trip, and shared a few of our experiences on that journey. My set was interspersed with my acoustic originals and Americana covers. With each performance, I realize how important it is to keep playing the stuff I enjoy, and people will respond.

Note to Sarah – the intern at the coffee bar who is studying coffee house businesses – this is a place to model your own shop after. They really know how to work with musicians, and the vibe is one of the best in the region.

I don’t like to eat right before a show, so theĀ evening was topped off nicely with a late dinner at Stella A’s Bar & Grill, a great Mediterranean place not too far from the venue. They have Greek offerings that you just can’t get back home in Bloomsburg any more. It’s one of those places that is worth an hour drive just to go to dinner. It’s also one of the few places we’ve been to lately that excels with their food and service. Both times we’ve been there this year, the owner has personally checked on us, really adding that family touch. The environment is also very good, though I prefer their summer patio dining, but who wouldn’t? Time to bundle up!


By jjdeprisco

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