Signals Electro-Music 10/20/11 Radio Show

Signals with Shivasongster returned to the interwebs on 10/20/11 after a hiatus of a couple months due to our travels in Ireland, EM2011, and other priorities. Now back as a monthly program, Signals is offering me a place to once again experiment with new sounds and put myself out there as an improv/electro artist. Its some of the most fun I’ve had musically.

Show #13 featured the following:

ElectroWednesday – A combination of prerecorded composition in Reason 6 accompanied by live instruments through various effect pedals.

Crush My Mouth – An expanded version of the song debuted at EM2010 that kicks off many of my electro performances.

Tobit’s Demons & Warwick’s Robots – Two connected pieces debuted at EM2011. These began as experiments on a Boss Looper pedal (which I sold last year). Later I reconstructed them in Reason and use a JamMan to perform them live.

Sunday Beat – A newer Reason 6 project with live overdubs.

Life After – Another newer composition in Reason 6, based on some sounds from a Korg Triton Extreme.

Pentangle & Maya – Solo electric guitar versions of the acoustic pieces that debuted on my album Bloomsburg to Bangladesh, also performed at EM2011 with fellow EMer Robert Dorschel.

Tune in next month (11/17/11) Check schedule for latest info.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.