What I’m Doing Now


  1. After leaving Penn Medicine in late October (see below), I am dedicating my 100% of my time and energy to creative and tech pursuits.
  2. Expanding electronic music site jeremydeprisco.net. Includes brand new content, thoughts about creative process, etc.
  3. Preparing for upcoming electronic shows. This includes enhancing my stage show with more interactive video elements. Recycling some 80s-90s tech.
  4. Exploring VCV Rack. Refining the pieces from Tales from Imperial Towers. If you read this, send me an email from my site to get a free download code. Mention “Mr. C” as the code word.
  5. Studying video synth circuits, dusting off some old Arduino projects, and getting my electronics bench back in order.
  6. Improvising with Sonic Sandbox.
  7. Seeking more opportunities to play bass
  8. Performing/writing with Fricknadorable.
  9. Self-study of Hegel and exploration of Slavoj Žižek, Slovenian philosopher.


The First Sikh Spiritual Master: Timeless Wisdom from the Life and Techniques of Guru Nanak

Glimpse After Glimpse: Daily Reflections on Living and Dying

  • Continuing to examine my career trajectory closely through a Napoleon Hill lens. I know only two people who will get that reference.

Career Update:
Over the last few years it’s been clear that I really needed to focus on my creative endeavors much more. A variety of forces have come together to place me in an environment where that is now more feasible.

Friday 10/25 was my last day at Penn Medicine, having tendered my resignation three weeks ago. I am stepping away from the healthcare field to pursue music/tech full time. This change was driven primarily by some significant changes in Audra’s position.

I want it to be clear that the break with Penn was voluntary, amicable, and that the team was sorry to see me go. I even gave them three weeks’ notice to remain in good standing rather than the customary two weeks. I had a great manager, and leaving was a difficult decision. Penn does not hire just anyone, and their hiring process was intense. A lot of people helped me get there, and for that I am grateful. I know they will also understand this change of direction.

What’s next?

I’ve put a lot of things off during the move to Philly. I’ve also been exposed to a lot of new opportunities that I now have the time to pursue. The first priority is getting ready for upcoming solo performances, the next of which is at the National Electronics Museum this weekend. I’ve enjoyed playing with Sonic Sandbox and will continue improvising them and exploring with their leader David Ford. I’m also in discussion with at least one other Philly band about playing bass on a more regular schedule.

I’m tailoring my resume for potential arts organization work, with a goal of finding something part-time later that can align with my interests more and offer me the flexibility I need. But I’m not in a hurry. I’m not entertaining a job hunt until I get some creative backlog out of the way. The maker community has been very welcoming, and I have some interests to explore there. I’m seeking out grants, residencies and may pursue crowdfunding if the project warrants it. I’m also hoping to collaborate with some of my friends across PA and elsewhere in the country.

I expect some recording work eventually, and have dozens of leads to pursue since our arrival in Philly. There’s no shortage of opportunity here, and I’m very excited to approach it with the INTention and ATTention it deserves.