What I’m Doing Now

Very Recent:

  • Sorting through audio and video from our latest trip to Maine.
  • Updating my demo reel for audio job apps.
  • Archiving and reviewing content from over 15 years of hard drives.
  • Mailchimp marketing, graphic design and promotional videos and technical DSP support for Gelnett & Associates, LLC.
  • I’ve been asked to do sound/music for Stephen Schrum’s next independent short film on Go Fund Me: They’re Among Us. Filming now, then writing in early August.
  • Offering my SCI-FI-LO-PHONE project for STEM programs. Most recently held a session at the Children’s Museum in Bloomsburg. 23 kids. I don’t know how Audra does it! :-)
  • Exploring Magic, a video graphics program for projections.

Pepperhead Studios:

  • Writing a collection of new original synth-pop songs.
  • Enjoying my new ESP LTD bass!
  • Prep for
  • Early stage prep for NEEMFEST
    • Writing a new piece for the NEEMFEST Sampler (due 8/15).
    • Working out what my live rig will include.
  • Recording two new songs by Audra.
  • Peter Mastroianni Collab
    • Material recorded in late 2016 and early 2017 has been reviewed and we have a playlist up on SoundCloud. We are reviewing additional material from those sessions in the hope that we have enough for a few more pieces. I am happy with the variety of the material, and so glad we decided to make this happen in our spare time. I’ve created some additional soundscapes as prompts for Peter to speak over (the reverse of the initial process).
  • Kurt Smith Collab
    • Bassist Kurt Smith (from local band Shades of Charon) and I have started cowriting some material informed by our interests in philosophy. The collab has been slow-going, and our schedules don’t always match up, but I am curious to see where this goes.
  • Playing bass in some projects…
    • Ed Zuber Project – original rock, punk songs with guitarist/songwriter Ed Zuber and drummer Urie Kline. After a couple years of fleshing out the songs live, I think we’re ready to do some real recording.
    • Bluesmobile – blues supergroup featuring Mike Hickey (guitar/voc), John Sweeney (harmonica/guitar/voc), Kurt Smith (bass), Urie Kline (drums). We’ve only had one gig, but I think we’ll play again sometime… great energy.
    • Negodniki jazz ensemble for the occasional show.
  • Expanding our STEM offerings.
  • NOT MULTITASKING! – read about the research!!


  • IT Project Manager for:
    • Prepare Now – PCORI – multi-year grant-funded study (Kidney Transitions) for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
    • Kidney Health Research Institute – Assisting the nephrology department with patient reported data (PRD) projects.
    • EMS/Life Flight mobile app project
    • Support for Rheumatology project involving patient entered data an decision support.
  • Encouraging better UX development and Design Thinking amid many organizational barriers and culture issues.
  • NOT multi-tasking – read the business case!!


  • Enjoying iMovie again (well, as much as anyone can – it’s not always intuitive). The GoPro is a lot of fun too!
    • Continuing to examine my career trajectory closely through a Napoleon Hill lens. I now know only two people who get that reference.
    • Current Reading:
      • I’ve actually changed my reading routine, to something even slower than usual.
      • During our Maine trip I got through some of my Songlines and Tape Op backlog, but I’m still behind. Thankfully I also finished Writing Better Lyrics (Pat Pattison) and Out on the Wire (Jessica Abel) – both highly recommended!
    • BACKBURNER: Electronics/Coding:
      • Lynda.com C++ course (slowly).
      • During the summer this stuff slows down, but I still work on many electronics projects. Mostly repairing stuff!
      • Particularly interested in combining audio and sensors, but my interests cover a lot of ground besides. Especially enjoying NodeMCU and Teensy.

Listening right now: David Byrne, Music from Bolivia and more.