What I’m Doing Now

December 2023

Conducting a series of Listening Tours and participating in a Job Search Council (JSC) based on the book Never Search Alone.

Providing booking, management and promotion support for songwriter Tanner Bingaman’s solo act, and his band Tanjo & Crow.

Exploring AI image generation for use in my promotional efforts and for live performance graphic imagery.

Parsing through a collection of original studio tracks. This will result in some collections ranging from abstract electronic to melodic instrumental to vocal topical.

Preparing a presentation on generative music for Trenton Computer Festival 2024.

Doing some communications consulting for several non-profits.

Writing a grant for a collaboration with TR7.

Offering a wide variety of STEAM workshops.


Working my way through an archive of discussions hosted by Bryan Magee.

Continuing to examine my career trajectory closely through a Napoleon Hill lens. So far, met only two people who get this reference.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.