Sunbury, PA – 09/28/17 – Spyglass Ridge Winery – Fricknadorable at Spyglass

Fricknadorable at Spyglass
Thursday, September 28, 2017
6:00pm - All Ages
105 Carroll Road

Sunbury, PA 17801

The Beginning of Spyglass Ridge Winery

What began as a hobby has taken on a life of its own, as both proprietors Tom and Tammy Webb can attest to. More than 15 years ago, Tammy's grandparents were looking to sell their farm that had been in the family for generations and they wanted it to remain that way.
Tom Webb, Jr. had a love of wine making that stemmed from high school days. But it wasn't until college that he learned the actual process of making wine from fresh fruit from his landlord who just happened to have a small scale personal winery in the basement of his home.. He deepened his knowledge even more while working at a vineyard & winery in the Lehigh Valley area. Tom's wine making skills was an asset to the owner who was more versed on the vineyard side of things.

It was a natural pairing of expertise. But when Tammy's family farm became available, it was
time to put his expertise and love of winemaking to the ultimate test. After much discussion,
they purchased the farm and hand-planted 20,000 grape vines and sold the grapes to
other winemakers.

The farm had a single home and a barn that dated from 1814 situated on it. The entreprenuring couple soon realized that the ground was perfect for grape growing so they began experimenting with a few different varieties of grapes not knowing what to expect. As equipment was slowly purchased, Tom and Tammy began to produce small batches of wines for themselves and close friends. But a bigger idea was brewing.
The barn had plenty of usable space that with a lot of hard work and vision, could be converted into a unique winery. And so the work began. The main floor of the barn soon became a tasting room, large enough to hold events and functions. The 2-level loft offered additional room while the bottom floor of the barn the cellar and production areas.

After a long rennovation process, the barn was finally complete. Creating the interior followed with stylish tables, lighting and tile work and the whole family got in on the fun. The work was completed in record time and the results were stunning. At last, Spyglass Ridge Winery was born.

All was finally in place and the vineyards were yielding an abundance of several varieties of grapes. It was, time to turn the focus to wine making. Spyglass Ridge Winery was now in full swing.

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