Audio Production

Working on a podcast, but don’t know how to approach recording audio?

Have a song idea that you want to flesh out and submit to a contest?

Need electric bass or electronic music production?

Have stems that you’ve recorded elsewhere that need to be mixed?

I can help.

In addition to being a solid bass player, have experience running a project studio, and have released Americana, Blues, Folk, Jazz recordings. I am equally passionate about electro-experimental music.

From personal experience I know that it is always a good idea to seek out a different set of ears when working on tracks. I enjoy mixing a great deal, and listen to many styles of music from all over the world. My approach – which always serves the song and style – can help you achieve professional results on a reasonable budget.

Things I bring to the table:

– No drugs, non-smoking
– Prompt, and focused attention to detail
– 25 years of bass playing experience in a variety of genres (Blues, Rock, Americana, Jazz, Folk, Electronic)
– Proficient in multiple DAWs, including Reason, Ableton, Studio One.
– MIDI sequencing experience
– Live performance experience (bass, guitar/voc, and as an electronic artist)
– Multi-instrumentalist with an ear for good melodies
– Willing to serve the song in any way I can (not about number of notes or egos)
– Online streaming, podcast tech experience.

How it works

Fill out this questionnaire, then…

Schedule a 30 min FREE Zoom consult to discuss your needs.

Check out my Demo Reel, or visit my Youtube and Bandcamp sites for more material, and read Client Reviews.


By jjdeprisco

Sonic explorer, sound artist, guitarist in Fricknadorable, software designer.