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Piezo Sonicscapes

I’ve been posting a lot of my piezo experiments. Enjoy!

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LED Controlled Panner

12/22/16 – The LED Panner is another fun circuit from the great book “Handmade Electronic Music” by Nicolas Collins. This circuit uses a single 74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger chip, taking advantage of only a few pins (so you could to much more with this). LEDs paired with photo resistors create an optically controlled circuit which

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Xmas Fly Piezo Box

12/9/16 – The Xmas Fly is a riff on the Black Fly, which is basically nothing more than a piezo element and a few parts in a nice box. The Black Fly includes springs, which cause interesting vibrations for the piezo to pick up. To make springs work you need a very solid box that

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Boyertown or Bust

Disclaimer: These are all first-world problems. I acknowledge that. I am fortunate to have funds to buy an instrument, and to have a car to drive to these places, etc. Prologue Audra’s main uke is an Ohana pineapple concert, with no pickup. As we put together our live Fricknadorable set, I decided to primarily play

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Get Lo Fi Quad Oscillator

June 2016 – The Quad Oscillator below is a common beginner project, with surprising nuances depending on parts and configuration. In this case, I bought a kit online from The kit arrived quickly, but was plagued by a few issues. First, my kit didn’t include the SPDT switch that was listed on the packing

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