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Americana, Roots, Novelty – Acoustic Guitar, Uke, Bass

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Project studio specializing in focused, creative recording in a family friendly atmosphere.

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20+ years of experience hosting, organizing, supporting live music events.

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Boyertown or Bust

Disclaimer: These are all first-world problems. I acknowledge that. I am fortunate to have funds to buy an instrument, and to have a car to drive to these places, etc. Prologue Audra’s main uke is an Ohana pineapple concert, with no pickup. As we put together our live Fricknadorable set, I decided to primarily play

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Quad Osc exterior

Get Lo Fi Quad Oscillator

June 2016 – The Quad Oscillator below is a common beginner project, with surprising nuances depending on parts and configuration. In this case, I bought a kit online from The kit arrived quickly, but was plagued by a few issues. First, my kit didn’t include the SPDT switch that was listed on the packing

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2016-05-22 15.08.39

2016 Raised Bed Project

We’ve been wanting to create a raised bed for some time. Most of the time, I’ve done container gardening for my peppers. That’s done well, but the containers are hard to manage sometimes. They also don’t allow the plant to fully spread out, and I’ve had some plants stunted as a result. After considering several

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Urie and Ed

Bloomsburg Mini Maker Faire

On April 30 Pepperhead Studios presented entertainment by our family of artists for Bloomsburg’s Mini Maker Faire. Special thanks to Scott Canouse and Roxanne Zuber for taking pictures that day! Here’s some highlights. Our featured drummer for the event was Urie Kline from Lyco Taiko. Urie has recorded on Mike Hickey’s album “55 and Sunny” and has been working

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